Become a partner to Ryking Ocean Racing!

Ryking Ocean Racing is the Commitment, the Determination and the Challenge. In fact, Challenge is the name of the game. And we want to Elevate the Game, together with you!

Together with Ryking Ocean Racing You are part of the action and part of this challenging ride. There are loads of fun things we do together, from events, brand association, publicity and spreading inspiration. We serve a nice Swedish style Smörgåsboard of opportunities:

  • Setting the visual identity of the boat
  • Product and logotype placement in films and photos
  • Ambassador for your brand
  • Speaker at fairs and conferences. Internal as well as external
  • Joint merchandize with branded cloathing
  • Team building. Why not take a ride across the English Channel with your management team…?
  • And so much more. Challenge us with your ideas!

There are as many reasons and poosibilities as there are people and organisations. We look at things as rights and opportunities. We sign contract detailing what we agree. From that comes the opportunities. And the opportunities are only limited by Yours and ours imagination and effort.

Give us a call or send us an email!!